String quartet available for weddings and events
in Bristol and the South West

Tel: 01275 392344

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Tel: 01275 392344

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A string quartet for your wedding: special music for your special day
Whether it’s beautiful music for the entrance of the bride, something special during the signing of the register or a relaxed party feel for a drinks reception, a string quartet can add such atmosphere to your wedding.

The Mantuan Quartet is very experienced in providing music for weddings and can provide beautiful, sensitively chosen music to complement any part of your ceremony or reception. We can provide music for civil or church ceremonies (including hymns) and can move with you to your reception venue if required.

The quartet can provide music for any part of your wedding day, including:
Some answers to your questions....

What music will you play?

Most couples like to select their own choices for music during the ceremony (entrance, signing of the register and exit). The quartet is happy to consult with you to select the perfect pieces for these moments if you would like help choosing - music can be selected from the extensive repertoire list, or given sufficient notice, we can source or arrange a request for you if it’s not in our repertoire already.

For the other parts of your day, if you have a particular feel in mind or any requests for music at these times, please do let us know when choosing your music. More usually, the quartet will select music from their repertoire appropriate to the moment in the proceedings - perhaps well-known classical pieces prior to the ceremony and pop and lighter music for the drinks reception.

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The quartet can play for your wedding ceremony and/or drinks reception and/or wedding breakfast (meal).

The most popular choice involves music for the ceremony and drinks reception:

Setting the atmosphere before the ceremony as your guests assemble

Processional music (entrance of the bride)

Music during the signing of the register (and hymns for church weddings)

Recessional music (exit of the married couple)

then moving on to your drinks reception to entertain your guests while photographs are being taken etc.
Ceremony & Reception
A combination of both previous options!
The quartet can quickly and
easily relocate at the same
venue, or travel between
venues in advance of
you and your
Drinks Reception
A varied selection of music
as your guests mingle at the
drinks reception and
you have your
taken, etc
Music prior to the ceremony as your guests arrive
Processional music for a grand entrance
 Music during the signing
of the register
Music for the exit
of the happy

The quartet will simply need a suitable space to sit (with good light), four armless chairs and somewhere out of sight to store instrument cases. There is no need for any amplification or microphones.


How much will it cost?

The Mantuan Quartet's fees are very reasonable. They compare very favourably with other quartets and is a small price to pay for a valuable addition to your day which will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Any other questions? Please feel free to contact us to ask anything else or check availability.
Please use the form below, call us on 01275 392344 or email
You will receive a no obligation quote, inclusive of travel to your location (no hidden extras)

Mantuan String Quartet Kingscote Barn outdoor wedding

What will you require?

Can you play outside?

The quartet is happy to play outside, but this is very much weather dependent – in fine weather, we just need a shady spot (or cover in the form of a gazebo) to protect the instruments from direct sun. The quartet owns a gazebo, and this can be provided given advance notice.